Real Estate Update 2022

Posted on Apr 08, 2022

Princeton 1st Quarter Market Update

As we wrap up the winter season and prepare for the spring market, here's how the Princeton real estate market fared during the first quarter of 2022. The first 3 months continued with high demand as buyers locked into their mortgage pre-approval's before interest rates rise further throughout the year. The bigges...

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2021 Year in Review

Posted on Jan 05, 2022 in Market Stats

2021 has proven to be a year of insanity and fatigue that will go down as one of the most challenging years in modern history. From an ongoing and relentless pandemic, to an unbearable heat wave, massive forest fires and torrential flooding... Living through such a tumultuous time has caused a great deal of stress where many of us will be embracing...

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Bank Of Canada Interest Rate Announcement

Posted on Dec 09, 2021 in Economy

December 8, 2021

The Bank of Canada maintained its overnight rate at 0.25 per cent this morning, a level it considers its effective lower bound. The Bank reiterated what it calls "extraordinary forward guidance" in committing to leaving the overnight rate at 0.25 per cent until slack in the economy is absorbed and inflation sustainably returns to i...

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Real Estate Fall Update

Posted on Nov 04, 2021


As summer comes to a close and we head into the final months of the year, 2021 looks to be the strongest real estate market since 2007. Princeton property sales year-to-date are up 64% compared to the previous year, while also pushing the average property value up by 24% so far this year.*


Keremeos property sales year-to-date are up...

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