Located roughly 40kms down the Princeton Summerland Highway is the small community of Bankier. The beautiful 35-minute drive from Princeton showcases the back country lifestyle, with beautiful ranches and lake side homes along the way. Bankier offers both small lots in the heart of the community and smaller acreages surrounding it. The community is nestled between 3 lakes: Chain Lake, Link Lake, and Osprey Lake offering year long fun that is enjoyed by many full time residents as well as seasonal cabins and the many rental cabins and campsites used by tourists. You can learn more about the community and events at

Osprey Lake Public Beach


Community is truly defined by the closeness of Bankier residents. Every year on the Labour Day weekend, residents and guests are invited to a 2-day corn roasting extravaganza. They host family friendly activities including a fishing derby, bocce tournament bingo, and have raffles and prizes available to win. The community also has a Volunteer Firefighters Association that supplies first aid response and fire protection to the homeowners of Bankier. Various fundraisers are held throughout the year to fund this volunteer effort and they ask all property owners for an annual $100 registration fee to continue providing this fantastic service.


There are plenty of activities that may vary during each season including snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing in the winter, and horseback riding, kayaking, ATVing, fishing and hiking throughout the summer. The community organizes events throughout the year featuring snow golf, and snowmobile poker run between Christmas and New Years, a children’s Easter Egg Hunt and the annual “Corn Roast” every Labour Day weekend to end the summer season. You can learn more about the community and events at
Chain Lake Cabin
KVR Trestle near Bankeir


The cross Canada trail runs through Bankeir providing opportunities to explore the area even further. A now retired railway line, the old Kettle Valley Railway trail spans from Hope to Castlegar, and was once the longest rail trail network in British Columbia. It is now an extensive recreational trail with horseback, atving, hiking and bicycling possibilities. Unique landmarks found between Bankeir and Princeton include a trail trestle and a rock tunnel that is used along the trail.


Each lake features a forestry campsite and public boat launch for excellent fishing or kayaking. Osprey Lake offers a small public beach area. Link Lake is restricted to electric boat motors, while Chain and Osprey Lake are limited to 9.9 HP motors. Running adjacent to all three lakes is the Trans Canada Trail (former KVR) which provides access to plenty of trails and forestry roads to explore the area.
Bankeir Lake Front
Bankeir Map


The Osprey, Chain and Link Lakes area(sometimes referred to as Bankeir or three lakes) is located approximately half way between PRINCETON and Summerland along the Princeton Summerland Highway. Paved all the way from PRINCETON, it’s an easy 35 minutes drive to this all season playground. The provincial highway is gravel beyond the lakes and into Summerland but is maintained and accessible all year round.