With the wide mountainous expanse surrounding Hedley, and the Similkameen River right nearby, Hedley is in the middle of one of the most beautiful area’s of the Similkameen Valley. With a rich history and so much to explore, Hedley is a must see, especially on the weekends where a small market is hosted just off the highway. 

"Gold" Fashioned

The village of Hedley peaked in the early 1900's during the gold rush. There were two main mines: The Mascot Mine and the Nickle Plate Mine where approximately 86 tons of Gold was produced between 1904 and 1996. The mines are both now closed, but remnants of them still exist. Tours are offered through the mascot mine which is still present, but is currently under construction. The Similkameen is also a popular place for Gold Panning.

Take a Hike!

There are several hiking trails surrounding the area, with many that start just by taking a walk down one of the dozens of old mining or logging roads. Some are only accessible with an ATV or off-road vehicle, giving residents an exciting new place to explore every weekend.


Nestled between Stemwinder and Nickel Plate Mountains, the historic gold mining town of Hedley sprang up shortly after the yellow precious metal was discovered here in 1897. The town was named after Robert R. Hedley, mining engineer. Both the mountain top Hedley Mascot and Nickel Plate mines extracted millions worth of gold, silver and copper before finally closing in the 1950s after the ore body was exhausted. Today tourism and retirement living brings new life to the town famous for gold.


Hedley BC is located along Highway 3, between Princeton and Keremeos and can be accessed from the West or East.

Princeton: 30 minutes (38 km)
Keremeos: 21 minutes (29 km)
Penticton: 1 hour (75 km)