Erris is a small, rustic community located around the 20k mark along the Princeton-Summerland road. The area is mostly made up of 5 acre properties that are serviced by private septic systems and wells. The small valley is surrounded by rolling mountains and flanked by the Trans Canada Trail and Hayes Creek that is perfect for exploring, hiking and camping. At the center of Erris is the certified Erris Volunteer Fire Association, that serves as both Fire Department and Medical First Response for the properties between 12k and 30k along the Princeton-Summerland Road. A short drive down the road leads to various lakes perfect for swimming and fishing, making this the perfect place to begin a life in the beautiful backwoods of British Columbia!

The Community

The quiet, rustic community of Erris is located about 20 minutes from Princeton along the Princeton Summerland Road and features a certified volunteer fire department. The area is perfect for those looking for quiet, wide open space with easy access to unlimited crown land and forestry roads. The community appeals to outdoor enthusiasts including fishing, hunting, hiking, ATVing and camping. The Trans Canada Trail and Hayes Creek follow the highway out toward Summerland offering excellent exploration and fishing opportunities. 
KVR Tunnel
Erris Firehall

Fire Safety

The Erris Volunteer Fire Association was formed in 2009 by a group of people who were concerned with the distance between the Princeton Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Hayes Creek Fire and Rescue in Bankeir. It is not funded by the government, and instead relies on an optional registration fee of $80/year, any properties within the EVFA Fire Protection district is welcome to register their property. The EVFA functions as both a Fire Department and Medical First Response and extends along the 12 kilometer mark to the 30 kilometer mark, and includes Baker Hill Road and Pinewood Crescent.

The Real Estate Market 

Most properties in the small community are around 5 acres or more. The properties are serviced by Fortis power and Telus landlines. Private wells and septic systems are generally installed for water/sewer . Erris is the perfect area to start hobby farms, or build a country home that's close enough to town amenities, but far enough away for optimum privacy.
Erris Cabin
Erris Map


Erris is located approximately 20 km northeast of Princeton along the quiet Princeton Summerland Road.