Terese Cleminson

Terese Cleminson, Sales Representative

Speaks: English

Keremeos BC



The year is 1990, we have just moved from the big city of Edmonton to Keremeos where it does feel a bit like we have landed in Oz. It is so small, and everyone seems to know who we are before we introduce ourselves. We meet some local people our age who invite us out for an evening. Will it be the movies, a fancy dinner out? No…we get into the back of their truck, (don’t tell my dad) we head off along a dirt road and over to the river’s edge where we gather drift wood and make a bonfire and sit until the stars come out. I was hooked! The Similkameen & Ashnola Rivers and 20 Mile Creek are very familiar places where I fish, hike, walk my dog, stroll with my husband, taught my children how to swim and place to cool off during the hot days in summer - never mind camping! They are part of this area and they are a part of me. Over the years, I have served our community as a director with the Chamber of Commerce, Recreation Commission Director, Village of Keremeos Committee member and various positions with Keremeos Community Church. Licensed since 2011, I will deliver good communication, honest answers to your questions, expert area knowledge & personal integrity….Ingredients necessary to complete one of the most significant financial decisions you are ever likely to make. From single family homes to vineyards and acreages, I can help you every step of the way I have 6 children; 2 biological and 4 bonus kids and now live with my husband of 14 years and our dog on a one-acre property within the Village of Keremeos.

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